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Support of foreigners in Ukraine

fsfArriving in a foreign country, a foreigner finds himself alone with the many problems which alone it is almost unable to resolve due to ignorance of the language, the lack of sufficient knowledge about the laws and regulations in force in the new country.

Foreigner is helpless against any difficulties, ranging from finding decent housing and ending communication with the authorities. He does not know how and where safely to have a good time, do sports, go on nature, to celebrate, in short, to live a full life.

Often there are many problems in life, which would have never appeared, if there was an opportunity to consult with a lawyer, but if you already have problems - it is possible to solve them with minimal negative consequences for themselves with the help of professional lawyer.

In order to not to have problems with  housing and rent fees, with the registration in Ukraine, problems with law enforcement agencies, not to be cheated by unscrupulous people, and solve other occurring during the life issues, you will be useful to contact our law office for a consultation about how to do  right  in a particular situation.

Employees of a law firm speak English, Ukrainian, Russian, have extensive experience working with foreigners, know their problems, have extensive practise in solving them.

We are ready to render any legal assistance to foreigners. If you have any questions, you can ask them to our employees in the on-line mode, if your problem can not be resolved in this mode (we need to read  your documents,  ask you about more facts) the lawyer can appoint a time when you can come to the office for a personal meeting.

We are ready to provide a permanent legal support for foreigners (individually and in groups) in Ukraine under the terms of the contract, including legal support, and providing the security of events with the participation of foreigners.

The price of our service depends on the circumstances of the particular case and it can be reduced for groups of foreigners, and for regular customers.

For your information:

       With the participation of lawyers of our office has been founded nongovernment organization "Foreigners Support Foundation" (FSF), which is registered by the Justice Department in Lugansk region.

The FSF distributes its activities not only in the Lugansk and Lugansk region, but also to the entire territory of Ukraine. FSF is co-working with rights defending organizations and other NGO's  in Ukraine and abroad.

The main goal of FSF is to promote international relations and providing assistance to foreign citizens in the organization of their life in Ukraine, and the protection of the legitimate interests of FSF members - foreigners and citizens of Ukraine, as well as those who are not members of the FSF, in all public and private institutions and organizations and in relations with third parties, facilitating the establishment of friendly relations between different nationalities and between foreigners and Ukrainians, help in the organization of residence, education, and meet their cultural and religious needs of foreigners in Ukraine, assistance in dealing with difficult situations involving foreigners, assistance in obtaining a temporary stay of foreigners in Ukraine and in obtaining permission for permanent residence of foreigners in Ukraine.



By visiting our office, you can get a flyer with information about what FSF is and how to become a member.