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Law firm "Gavrish and Partners" was founded in 2003.

At present, in our firm work five lawyers, the office is headed by Gavrish Lyudmila.

Our office operates on the entire territory of Ukraine and abroad, in all judicial and non-judicial instances, the office staff working in all areas of law, have extensive experience working with foreigners in the territory of Ukraine and abroad.We specialize in criminal, civil, economic, administrative, marriage law and in other branches of law. Specializations are divided between lawyers, what provides a more thorough and skilled approach to work.

Attorneys of our office have experience in the bankruptcy of large enterprises, in criminal cases of the most difficult  category - on charges of embezzlement, misappropriation of funds by officials, and other so-called economic criminal cases. It is also one of the specific areas of work of our  office - working with the various expertises: challenging conclusions, questioning experts, appointment new expertises, and other actions, needed to achieve results.

With a few examples of documents prepared by lawyers offices can be found in sections of the site, "The practice documents" and "Sample Documents".


Gavrish Lyudmila – she graduated from the Kharkov Law Institute, for 10 years worked as an investigator. Since 1990, engaged in the legal practice. The head of the office. Specialization - Criminal Law, Bankruptcy.

Gavrish Vadim – graduated from the Kharkiv National Law Academy. Yaroslav the Wise. He worked in the Prosecutor's Office. Since 1998, carries out advocacy. Specializes in criminal law.

Igor Chernykh – graduated from the Kharkiv National Law Academy. Yaroslav the Wise. He worked as an investigator, a paralegal. Since 2009, carries out advocacy. Specialization: Civil Law, Marriage Law, Commercial Law.

Lutskaya Ekaterina – she graduated from Lugansk University of Internal Affairs to them. EA Didorenko. She worked as a paralegal. Since 2009, engaged in the legal practice. Specialization: Civil, Family, Commercial Law.

Andrey Minaev – graduated with honors from the Institute of Management Business and Law in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. During his studies worked in the legal reception for the public. From 2003 to 2006. - Assistant attorney since 2006, engaged in the advocacy. Specialization: criminal and administrative law. One of the activities - the provision of legal assistance to foreigners. English-speaking lawyer.